Microsoft .Net

We are specialized in Microsoft .Net development and have been working with .Net since its beginning. We have worked with the first .Net Framework and until the latest, the better .Net Core and even better .Net 5.
Now we are all waiting for the One .Net that will unify all .Net development.

System develompment

We offer our IT-consultant services within system development. We have worked with a lot of system development, all from small developments to realy large world wide applications. Database development against SQL Server has almost always been precent. Also lot of integrations and services have been included in our work.

Web development

Web development have a great part in our hearts. We have been developing web solutions both small web projects to complex web solutions. Responsive design is a must nowadays. The pick of technology is not easy. There is so much fun to do with Asp.Net, MVC, Razor, Blazor HTML5, CSS3, Angular or React.
Whats your choice?

Cloud solutions

We offer cloud solutions developed. Do you want to have yor application developed in the cloud or do you want migrate an application of parts of it to the cloud, we can help you. We can develop them in AWS or AZURE.
Whats your pick?

100% customer satisfaction
we always go the extra mile

We always listen to our customer make an effort to get it right.


We think it is important to have excellent social skills and be able to cooperate with our customers. It is a key to success to be able to discuss through the solution and reach the goal and somtimes exceed it.


We have long experience in development and are professional. Our work gets done within the deadline and often before it hits making you save some money.



We have deep technical skills and can make complex solutions. If you dont know which techology to use in your project, we will help you get it right.


We think that agile work of way is the best approach. To develop complex solution is best made with an agile approach to avaluate and reavalute throgh the project.

Discover great feautres

When you hire us we will give you great features and experiences.


Perfectly designed

Do you want your solutions to work on all platforms. We make our solutions fully responsive so that it looks good, and works fine on a computer, tablet and a mobile phone. We always aim for premium design concepts. Fully responsive solutions built with Bootstrap, HTML5 and CSS3, accompanied by .Net, Angular or React. We make use of reusable UI components and integrate with latest jQuery plugins.



Founder and CEO of Maysoft. With over 20 years of experience in develompment

Jari Mäyrä

When not sitting at the computer developing he is out for a round of golf, trying to hit that perfect shot.

What our partners say

Some input that we have heard through the years

"The best developer I have ever worked with. Both social and technical skills are at the top level (nice to hear such words)."
IT Manager
One of our customers
"You have created a Dream Team. Everything was so smooth and effective. Nothing can beat this team. (blushing a bit)."
Business Analyst
One of our customers
"When Maysoft develops, the computer is smoking (impressed by the fast and effective work)."
One of our customers

More and more extra great feautres

Want more great features with perfect timing and cooperation.


Perfectly timed

MAYSOFT is great at estimating the time needed for certain projects. With our experience and technical knowledge the projects are smooth as as whistle. With the agile approach it becomes easy to detect and modify needed changes and additions.


Perfectly cooperated

MAYSOFT always work closely with our customers. From the first meeting until the end of the project we keep close contact with the customer to ensure we are on the right track and be able to spot changes or additions. With an open minded way to look at things and together with our custmers we create magic.

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Maysoft is an IT Consultant Company specialized on Microsoft .Net Development
We offer our counsultant services within system and web development, always focused on .Net.

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